A Chef’s Life

Ever since Chef and the Farmer opened in 2006, we’ve envisioned it as a place that celebrates the culture and cuisine of Eastern North Carolina. But just because the food is locally produced doesn’t mean we can’t share it with the rest of the country, right? Beginning in October, PBS stations across America will begin airing Season 2 of A Chef’s Life, a documentary series about our restaurant and the food that inspires our menus—one ingredient at a time. For more information, including a preview and local listings, check out the show’s website. And be sure to tune in this fall!

—Vivian and Ben




Our Story

Our Restaurant

Never Say Never

In 2006, chef Vivian Howard opened Chef & the Farmer with her husband, Benjamin Knight. Their lives have been about creating an unparalled dining experience in North Carolina's eastern region ever since.

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Our Farmers

Our Farmers

Our Better Half

The name Chef & the Farmer represents a relationship, a working one between the restaurant and our farmers. That relationship serves up seriously seasonal, seriously local, seriously delicious food.

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News & Events

Employee Highlights, Volume 7

In this volume of our Employee Highlights, get to know Courtland, one of the talented line cooks here at Chef & the Farmer! Tell us a little about yourself—perhaps share your culinary and educational experiences. I was born in VA Beach, and lived years in the Quantico, Dumfries, Triangle area for many years. Choosing a [Continue...]

Posted on August 28, 2014

Saturday Tasting 8/23/14

Saturday Wine Tasting, 8/16/14

Here's a taste of our five most recent tweets. Enjoy.

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